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Conor is a currently interning at Cortina Productions, a multi-media museum design and production studio in Washington DC. In August of 2019, he will return to Pittsburgh, PA, as a second-year graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a masters of Entertainment Technology at the "dream-fulfillment factory" known as the Entertainment Technology Center. He previously studied Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. His interests lie at the intersection of all of those disciplines and using his love of storytelling to elevate them all - hoping to design and create interactive, immersive and meaningful experiences and products for people. 

He is Woody's favorite deputy, he won an NCAA women's basketball national championship, he wants to prove the “engineers can’t write” stereotype wrong, he found the best ice cream in Phoenix, he thinks the American League is not real baseball, he is a Triplett and a twin, and he believes that anyone can cook

Questions, comments, design inquiries or men’s league basketball requests can be directed to: